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「詩織の秘密」Vol.3 – ♣ ECSTATIC ♣

…Shiori went back to her class as though nothing had happened.

“I shouldn’t have sent the message. What am I going to do now!?” Shiori thought to herself while looking out of the class.

“Hey! Shiori! Shiori! Would you please pay attention! Your finals are near!” the teacher shouted.

Shiori looked at the teacher and continued doing her work. Her heart was full of confusion. Her friends knew that something happened to Shiori but no matter how Saki & Izumi questioned her, she’s never speak. For the entire day, she didn’t speak to anyone at all.
When she reached home, she went to her room immediately. All of a sudden, she smiled.

“Actually…I shouldn’t get so worked up over such minor things. He’s probably going through a hard time as well so if I get mad at him now  or anything it’ll make him worse.” Shiori thought.

She had a warm bath after that and called up her friends. She apologized for not saying a word to them about what happened.
Saki & Izumi was just glad that Shiori called. She didn’t think much that night and went to sleep.

[Next morning]
She woke up feeling energized and ready for school.

“Ahhh. What a great sleep! Somehow, I’m feeling really great today.” Shiori said while stretching her arms.

She went off to school and went to the school’s garden. She sat on one the bench and pulled out her manga. She really likes reading them and always exchange mangas with Izumi & Saki. The three of them would have a huge collection of various mangas.
15 minutes passed after reading the manga. Shiori looked at her watched as it was still early. Suddenly, someone sat beside her. Shiori turned around and dropped her jaw as soon as she saw Hiro.

Shiori : “Holy shit. What are you doing here?” (anxiously)
Hiro : “Well, do I need a reason to be here?”
Shiori : “I suppose not.”
Hiro : “Still bothered about yesterday?”
Shiori : “Not really. Hey, you still like her don’t you? I mean Midori.”
Hiro : “I was once with her and at that moment I really liked her. So, I guess it’s not that easy to forgive and forget.”
Shiori : “I understand. Why don’t you get together with her again? She still likes you doesn’t she?”
Hiro : “It’s no use clapping with only one hand y’know. Anyway, I still haven’t gave you an answer yet now did I?”
Shiori : “Huh? What answer? Oh-ohh that. Haha! I almost forgot bout that. No need to hurry!” (“I guess I don’t even wanna hear it”)
Hiro : “Don’t worry I won’t tell you just yet but for now, just wait for me.”

The moment he finished his sentence, the bell rang. Hiro got up, waved and walked away. Shiori was still in shocked mode.

“Pfft. What joke is he crapping now?! He’s always like that. And yet, that’s why I like him. Hiro..I will wait for you.” Shiori said smiling to herself.

She went back to er class all cheerful and happy.

Izumi : “Hey, what a sudden change in attitude eh? I can feel tons of lovey-dovey atmosphere around~”
Saki : “Yeah! C’mon tell us what happened! We’re your friends after all. x3
Shiori : “What!? >/////< I dont know what are you talking about”
Saki : “Come on. Izumi and I saw and heard the whole thing.”
Izumi : “Yeap!”
Shiori : “WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To be continued…

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「詩織の秘密」Vol.2 – ♣ ANGUISH ♣

Volume 2 – ♣ ANGUISH ♣

“What a terrible day.” Shiori said with a deep sigh.
Shiori started her bad day with running late to school. She was all wet thanks to the heavy rain that poured suddenly.
She was all grumpy and went to class. She couldn’t stop sighing and asking herself how unlucky she was but she was cheered up later by Saki and Izumi.

Saki and Izumi are one of Shiori’s closest friends. They do everything and go everywhere together. They once even went to the police station together. Izumi is also attracted to one of her senior and the only one not involved in any love relation, is Saki. Shiori always asks Saki for advice on love matters.

That night, Shiori was laying on her bed with her hair wetting the bed after washing her hair.
“I wonder if I should tell her. It’s been so long since I had that kind of feeling towards….” Shiori mumbled to herself.
She turned her head and grabbed her phone which was right beside her. She still couldn’t make up her mind after staring at his number for such a long time. Finally, she decided. She typed whatever she was thinking at that moment and was ready for his answer.

“Hey there! I just want to tell you something. I really like you.
Ever since the first time I saw you I fell for you. I guess it’s love
in first sight (laughs) I know it’s impossible for us as I’m totally
not your type and all but I’ll just be true to you as well as myself.
I’m prepared for your answer so don’t hesitate to tell me (smiles)
I’m sorry for suddenly saying this to you but I hope you’ll understand.
I’m sorry.”

“Message sent. I guess this is the end. I probably did the right thing. I’m crazy isn’t it? He already has someone that he likes! Oh well. It’s okay.” Shiori thought.
Shiori was thinking so much, she fell asleep.

The next day, she went to school all prepared to see him.
As she was walking, she saw Hiro and Midori walking together. Their actions were as though as they’re couples.
Shiori’s heart totally broke into pieces. Even though she was prepared for his answer, she still couldn’t accept the fact. Without knowing what to do, she ran to the garden and burst out of tears. Her heart was full of agonizing pain. That very moment, Hiro has left a grievous wound on her which will never be healed.

Few minutes later, the bell rang. She wiped her tears and made sure there was no trace of her crying. She walked out of the garden and saw his ash-blonde hair.

“Who else could it be?” Shiori asked herself as she tries ignoring him.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Hiro grabbed Shiori’s arm as she was just about to leave the garden.
Shiori was nervous and she was slightly still angry at him.

Hiro : “Hey, I saw your message yesterday. Sorry for not replying. I thought that it was best for me to tell you face to face.”
Shiori : “Oh I see. I don’t think this is the right time. Keep it for next time.”
Hiro : “It doesn’t need to be. Actually…”
Shiori : “You know what? Why don’t you just forget that I’d ever told you that.”

Shiori couldn’t hold it in anymore. It’s like the pain is over-flowing.
Hiro grabbed Shiori’s arm even tighter and then tightly gave her a hug. Shiori was too shocked and finally, her tears flowed down her cheeks. She pushed Hiro away and glanced at him.
“What’s wrong with you!? Stop treating me like this. I know you still do like Midori. Why don’t you guys just get together again!” Shiori shouted and ran away. She started crying more and more in the restroom. She could no longer bear the heart-wrenching and tormenting pain.

Hiro stood at the garden still thinking what just happened.
“Shiori…you’ve got it wrong. The one I like is…to be continued…

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「詩織の秘密」Vol.1 – ♣ SILENCE ♣

Volume 1 – ♣ SILENCE ♣

She was running and running as fast as she could in a dark and run-downed path. She did not know where or when was it but all she knew was the place is deserted and she was the only one there. She knew that the place was old because of all the crippled walls and the flakes of paint falling off the wall. As she ran and ran,she saw a bright shimmering light in the end of the lane. She had no other choice but to run towards the light and find a way to escape. Suddenly, she heard sound. It was the sound of an alarm bell ringing and just as she reached the light, she heard a voice of a lady, calling her name repeatedly. The light was so bright it hurts her eyes. She couldn’t bear the brightness of the light, she closed her eyes and as she opened my eyes again, a face was right in front of hers. It was her mom, waking her up from her dream and there was the alarm clock ringing non-stop.

For a minute there, she thought to myself,  “It was a dream? Yeah…it was.”
“Everything looked so real and concrete but I guess it’s not anymore.” she added.

She got dressed, ate her breakfast and went to school. The sky was still dark as she could see the starts and the crescent. She walked along the school field thinking about the dream she had. She could swear that she have been in that place before —
She was in such deep think, she banged into someone. It was her friend, Saki.

“Hey, be careful. Oh, Shiori, you’re finally here! I wanted to ask, did you bring the things for art class?” Saki asked.
“Things for art? What things” Shiori replied.
“Oh damn. Judging by your answer I bet you forgot. Didn’t you? ” said Saki.
“What are we suppose to bring exactly?” Shiori added.
“LEAVES my dear! LEAVES!” Saki shouted.
“Oh I see. Leaves. Easy! I could just get them from the school. I’m sure there’s lots of them.” said Shiori.
Saki gave a big sigh and said, “Very well then. You go pick the leaves while I go do something”
“Okay.” Shiori replied.

Shiori walked around the school, wondering where she could get nice leaves and pick them without anyone seeing her.
“Wait…I think I know where I could pick leaves without anyone seeing me. Gosh, why didn’t I think of that.” said Shiori suddenly.
Shiori walked towards the school garden and went to get leaves. There’s lots of flowers, plants and herbs there. All those were planted by either the students or teachers. She picked out lots of leaves and she even got some flowers. Suddenly, a monkey jumped in front of her. She was so scared, she screamed and tried to attack the monkey with merely just leaves. The monkey too got shocked by her scream and went elsewhere.

“Phew! Glad it didn’t attack me. I never knew monkeys were afraid of leaves” she said and continued plucking leaves.
She finally got enough of leaves and shove all of it in her pocket.
“This way, no one will ask me where’d I get so much leaves.” Shiori said to herself while smiling.
As she was just about to out of the garden, someone said

“What makes you think no one saw you?”

Shiori froze and stood there expressionless. She turned her head and saw a person sitting on the bench at the corner of the garden.
She didn’t manage to see the person’s face as it was still quite dark. She bent down and started apologizing.

“I’m so sorry. I really am! I didn’t mean to do it. It’s just that I forgot to bring any leaves for art class. Please forgive me!” Shiori quickly said.
“Why are you apologizing? It’s not like I own this garden.” the voice replied.

Shiori paused for a moment and walked closer to the figure. She realized that it wasn’t one of her teachers as the sky got brighter.
It was a student. She walked closer to see who was it and finally she realized that it was her senior, Hiro Takashima from class 3-A.

“Oh my god! What am I going to do? It’s Hiro! How could I not realize that it was his voice?!” Shiori said.
“You said something?” Hiro asked.
“No-no! It’s nothing. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been here?” Shiori asked.
“Well, long enough to watch you attack a monkey” Hiro replied.
“Shit! That was so embarassing. What am I going to say now?” Shiori said to herself with her face turning red.
“Wow, your face is so red! What happened to you? Are you okay?” asked Hiro.
“Yes-yes. Of course I am.” Shiori replied anxiously.
“Okay. If you say so.” Hiro said.

Shiori was so amazed by his beauty and his eyes. So captivating and hypnotizing. But something was missing at that moment.
She thought to herself, “What could possibly be missing?” and she finally knew. It was his beautiful smile. He’s usually the happy type of person but he wasn’t smiling at that moment.. He looked really disturbed and Shiori was sure of that. She continued staring untill Hiro turned around and asked, “Is something the matter?” Shiori quickly looked away and replied

“No, nothing. It’s just…you look sad. Did something happen?” Shiori asked gently.

He put on a smile immediately and turned to Shiori.

“You’re worried?” he asked.
“I won’t say that I’m worried but I am and yet I am not.” Shiori replied.
“Just admit it you are aren’t you? Look, you’re blushing already.” Hiro said with a slight laugh.

Shiori was happy to see Hiro smile again. That was Hiro she knew and liked.
It has been 2 years since Shiori met Hiro in school. She would call it love in first sight but she thinks Hiro wouldn’t like her.
–Shiori sat down beside him and tried to comfort him.

Shiori : “Seriously, something happened right?” Shiori
Hiro : “Alright, I guess I can’t avoid your question. Hmm…yeah. Something that is making me confused right now.”
Shiori : “If it makes you feel better, you could tell me. Or if you don’t want to it’s alright too.”
Hiro : “Nah, it’s nothing interesting. I think I already feel much better. Because you’re here with me now.”

Shiori didn’t know what to reply and she just kept silent. Her heart was beating extremely fast.
She didn’t expect him to say this and her face got more red this time. Without knowing what to do she ran off.

“See ya around! Stop blushing or your friends would start questioning you.” Hiro shouted.

Shiori stopped for a moment and continued running. She felt so happy and that her life will be happier in the future.
She never thought’d she’d had this chance but maybe God helped her. As the school bell rang, she took her bag and felt as happy as ever.

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♥The Story of Me and You♥~Episode 2~♥

My eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. I didn’t sleep at all. No. more to like I couldn’t sleep. It’s because of her! It’s her fault that I didn’t get any sleep! What did she mean ‘See you tomorrow darling??’. Gosh. Few minutes later, mum woke me up for breakfast. I pretended to sleep so mum wouldn’t know that I was awake all night. I ate breakfast and waited for the bus downstairs. Then I started thinking. About everything. I became frustrated so I decided to walk to school. It can cool me down a little. I walked down to take a break at the Japanese Garden. I took a look at my watch. It was only 9:30! Gosh. If I knew I would have slept a little longer. This cold weather make me wanna cuddle in my blanket. I sat at she swing. Heating up my hand. I heard someone shouting. I turn to the direction and saw the girl in my school. Midori. Yea. That’s her name. I wonder what is she doing at this place at such a time. Unless she is in the same case as me. I quickly hid myself and watch her. She’s crying now. She mentioned something like ‘ We have to break up.’. Maybe she is talking to her boyfriend. I tripped on myself and fell with a thud. They heard me. Midori turned to run away. A pair of hands reached her. I wonder who’s that. It seems that Midori and her boyfriend didn’t find out that I am watching. I bend down a little so they wouldn’t find me. Then I saw. The figure of the person. His not really that tall. But he’s got nice, soft brown hair. Out of a sudden, he spoke. It was a very familiar voice. It was more gentle than I can remember. The honesty and kindness in the voice. It reminds me of someone. It reminds me of…. ‘’ Bachi!!!!’’, I shouted. Oh crap now they’re looking at my direction. Crap!!! It wasn’t her boyfriend. It’s Bachi. She urge Midori to go. Midori ran away. But Bachi wasn’t. Now she’s walking towards me. I’m dead meat. I came up with a crazy idea. I took out my blazer put it on my head ,cover my face with it, grip my bag tighter and ran out of my hiding place at another direction. ‘’ HEY!!! WAIT!! HEY!!!YOU THERE!! STOP RUNNING!!’’, shouted Bachi. I know I can turn back. She’ll kill me. I ran and ran. I reached a temple nearby and hid behind a tree. She chased after me. She stood there. Looking around. After finding for at least 15 minutes, she finally gave up and walk out of the temple. She must have thought that I ran out of here already. I sigh heavily. I thought back what had happen, I really don’t get it. She’s in a relationship with Midori. Midori wanna break up with her. And she don’t want to break up with her. But she ask me to on a relationship with me. So she treat me like some trash. Some replacement. I really don’t get it. My heart hurt a little when I thought about it. I decided to forget about it. I think to myself, ‘I’m lucky enough to be her replacement. Better than her fans who don’t even stand a chance. Maybe I can win her heart someday.’. I hid there for a little while then put my blazer on and walk to school. I reached school at 12. I sat down at the canteen and stared at the falling snow. I begin to doze off. I dreamt that I was at some place which is snowing and full of ice. I was freezing to death. I shouted for help. Then I saw Midori and Bachi. Bachi look at me and walked away with her hands locked on Midori’s. ‘’ Help! HELP!! BACHI!! ‘’, I shouted. I plead and cried. Hoping that she will turn back for me. But she just disappeared. I lay there. Waiting for my time to come. For the Grim Reaper to do his job. Waiting to see God and His Angels. Waiting to get out of the painful world. Suddenly, a pair of warm hands wrapped around. I couldn’t see his face. But his hands were warm. I thought maybe God didn’t want me to go back to Heaven just yet. He started calling my name. ‘’ Keiko.” A familiar voice again. But this time, it wasn’t Bachi’s. It was….it was…….. I slowly opened my eyes. A pair of hands is wrapped around me. For some strange reason, my eyes were really watery. It felt as though I had just finished crying. I sat up straight to see who was that. It was Haruki. My beated at a fast rated out of a sudden. I can see her beautiful yellow eyes. Her eyes was really like the one you see and you feel like you are actually looking right into her heart. Reading her thoughts. Feeling what she’s feeling. It’s like you know her since you were born. It was as yellow as the moonlight. The shade of yellow really make me feel like crying and hugging her asking for protection. It feels it’s my long lost home. ‘’ Are you okay?’’, asked Haruki. I nodded. ‘’ What were you dreaming just now?’’, asked Haruki. ‘’ Some really weird dream.’’ ‘’ Is it scary?’’ ‘’ Why are you asking? Did I tell you something weird unconsciously?’’ ‘’ ‘Cause you were crying, screaming and begging?’’ I kept quiet. I didn’t know what more to say. It feels really awkward. It’s quite embarrassing. Haruki smiled and hugged me. ‘’ Hey, you don’t have to recall it if it’s bad for you. You know you depend on me. Find me when you got troubles. You gotta tell someone. You can keep all to yourself. You’ll explode. And that make my heart hurts.’’, said Haruki. ‘’ Your like an old grandma. You nag a lot.’’ ‘’ Well that is what I am supposed to do. After all, I am your friend.’’ Friend? I still got feelings for her. And she’s aware of that. and now what she say is we are only friends? Friends? Like seriously? Dammit. Today’s a really bad day. The people that I like actually hurt me. I release myself from her grasp. I walk away. I wear my blazer and took my bag. When I walked away, I saw a glimpse of her face. It was expression of sadness. I really wanted to be alone. I want to cool down. I was walking with my face staring at the floor. I wasn’t paying attention and banged someone. ‘’ Sorr…’’ And I saw. It was Bachi. She was sweating all over. She look terrible. ‘’ Uumm..hi, Aoi.’’, I greeted Bachi. She held my wrist tightly and pulled my away ‘’ Hey, Aoi. Aoi, my hand. My hand. It’s really painful. Ouch!’’ She didn’t care. She just dragged me upstairs to the locker. Beside the locker, there is an unused toilet which is only allowed to be used by the teachers. She dragged me in and pushed me into a corner. ‘’ Ao…’’ ‘’ Shut up. Don’t say a word.’’ Her face was so close to mine. I started blushing. And before I knew it, she embrace herself and our lips touched. I wasn’t ready and wasn’t willing to do it after what had happened. ‘’ Noo….’’ I started sobbing. The worst nightmare ever. I, Keiko, experienced my valuable first kiss to a girl unwillingly and in tears. We didn’t kiss like in a romantic way. It was in a toilet for goodness sake. It could be somewhere better. She forced her tongue into my mouth. It was painful to know that she is this kin of person. I didn’t like it. I was supposed to enjoy it. But how come I’m not? I pushed her aside but she put her hands on my waist and pushed me harshly on her and she forced her tongue in again. I was scared, I was terrified. I didn’t want this to happen. I don’t see thing coming. I felt as if I was deceive. I stunned. Tears kept flowing down. The tears did not stop. I want it to end fast. I maybe she is feeling sad. Maybe this could cool her down. Finally, she stopped. She stood up and wipe her mouth. And she walk out of the toilet, leaving me alone. She didn’t even look at me. I broke down. I went back to class during the 2nd period. The teacher didn’t even notice. It’s seems we can our own work. Well my eyes were red. And I was sobbing a little. On the way to class,I banged into Haruki. I just walked away. ‘’ Keiko. Are you okay?’’ I ignored her and stepped into my class. Yurrie came running to ask me why I was late. She saw my eyes and she immediately understand the situation. She called Rin. Rin looked at Yurrie. It seems she get the message too because she came running to holding a packet of tissue. They asked me what had happened. I looked at them and cried. I told them what had happened. And Rin was storming out of the class wanting to beat Bachi up. Thank goodness Yurrie manage to get a hold of her. Yurrie said nothing can be solved with violence. And suddenly we saw Bachi standing outside our class.

♥The Story of Me and You♥

It feels like a dream come true. I never thought that she would come to me and say it. It all started when I told my best friend, Rin that I fell for our senior, Aoi. Rin couldn’t believe it at first. But at the end she encouraged me to tell Aoi how I feel. Well, I told Yurrie as well but her reaction was what I didn’t expect. Rin and Yurrie have this fetish for boy’s love or girl’s love. So they end up being so worked up about it that they eventually forced me to confess to Aoi. And Aoi is a girl. Even though she is a girl, she have quite a number of admirers and fans. I gave her a nick name. We call her Bachi. To avoid people from being suspicious. It’ll be a bad thing if people finds out that I like her.

Well that day, I had librarian duty so I came early to school. I was on the way to the library and I met Akira. Well I told her about Bachi and her reaction (thank god), was normal. She was shocked at first but then she is the type which understands that love is blind. She got boyfriends and stuff. So I thought I could ask some advice from her. So I told her everything. I felt better after telling someone though.

During recess time, she ask me whether she could tell her senior close friends. She said they won’t tell. I trusted her friends so I said yes. It may be a mistake or a blessing. I don’t quite get it myself. Well it turns out her friends aren’t believable at all. Rumors started spreading. The worst part is Bachi is the head librarian. I just got this pose. I just got merits for it. Impossible I will have to let go of this opportunity for some stupid rumors spreading around. And she is also in String Ensemble. Which I am in that Unifom Body too. I could’t just leave String Ensemble like that.

And so I didn’t leave. Day by day, it was getting worst. I was worried Bachi might avoid me and stuff. I didn’t want it to happen again. Something like happen to me before. So I don’t want it to repeat again.

It was winter. The choir club meeting just ended. I walked quickly back to my classroom. I ran towards Yurrie and Rin who were standing at my table talking. They were smiling at me happily calling me.

‘’ Imouto!’’, shouted Yurrie.

‘’ Imouuttooooooo~~~’’, dragged Rin.

I smiled back at them and greeted them. We walked to the locker to get our books before the teacher enters the classroom. As I was walking along the corridor, I saw Haruki. She is busy flirting with a bunch of girls. Probably her fans. Well I couldn’t face her anymore. Not after what happened.

Well we continue walking until we reached the lockers. I totally forgotten that I left my blazer at the hall.

‘’  Hey guys, I left my blazer at the hall.’’

‘’  Go get it quick.’’, said Yurried.

‘’ Yea. We’ll get your books for you. Don’t you worry.’’, said Rin.

‘’ Okay.’’, I replied with a warm smile.

I was getting cold. I made a run to the hall. The teacher might be at the classroom any time. Hopefully they got meeting again. Well I open the door and surprisingly it wasn’t lock yet. Usually the crazy teacher, will lock it and if you left something inside, that’s too bad. I walked in and found out that the windows are all opened. The cold wind blew into the hall. Some snow was on the floor. Then I heard a song. A very familiar song. But it wasn’t played very well though. Aside from the skill, I can hear sincerity in the melody. I was wondering who would play the piano at that time.

And I saw someone with soft, brown hair playing the piano. It was Bachi. I was shocked to see her and I wanted to run away but I thought why not take the chance to get closer to her. To get to know her more. Before I knew it, a pair of warm hazel brown eyes locked on mine. Unfortunately it only last a few seconds.

‘’ Hi.’’, I greeted Bachi.

She only nodded.

‘’ What are you doing? Playing a song ? For some school event? ,’’ I asked.

‘’ Not for school event.’’, Bachi replied.

‘’ Then it is for?’’, I asked again.

‘’ My Beloved.’’, answered Bachi.

‘’ Oh.’’, I said.

‘’ Anyway gotta get back to class. Good Luck. I hope she’ll love it.’’, I said grabbing my blazer. I quickly run out of the hall and into the class. I can feel my heart crack a little. The teacher was not in the classroom. I told Yurrie and Rin what had happened. They told me and scolded me for just walking away. Well, I am not the type who know how to make the first move. During recess, I spaced out a little. Yuki walked towards to me looking worried.

‘’ What happened?’’, asked Yuki.

I told her everything. I started cying. I am quite a crybaby especially when I know someone I love loves someone else. Yuki comforted me and gave me a very warm hug. She put her scarf around my neck and we walk toward the crowd with our hands together. She squeeze my hand and said,

‘’ Don’t worry. ‘Cause you’ve got us.’’

I wandered around the basketball court. I sat there letting my hands and toes go numb. I closed my eyes and slowly recall about my past. The memories start to flow back……

‘’ Hey. You wanna freeze to death?’’, said a familiar voice.

A pair of hands suddenly wrap around me. I turned around only to find Rin behind me.

‘’ Let’s go.’’, said Rin.

Yurrie was waiting at the bench.  We walked back to class together. When school ended, I walked with my friends. We bid each other goodbye. I sat at the bench. Looking at the snow. I sat there watching people going home. I wondered  who Bachi meant. Her beloved. Is she in our school? Do I know her? How does she look like? Why Bachi like her? These thoughts keep hunting me.

‘’ Hey.’’, said a voice.

‘’ Yea yea. I know. I’m going home now Rin.’’, I replied.

I turned behind to find Bachi standing there looking at me with her cold eyes. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say or what to do.

‘’ Hey, I heard that you like me.’’, said Bachi.

Oh no. She said it. So she heard the rumors after all. Oh this is the end of my life!

‘’Eerrr….yea. But please don’t avoid me or treat me like a weirdo.’’, I replied.

‘’ Because you fell for a girl?’’, asked Bachi.

I nodded. I can’t feel my face going all red.

‘’ Don’t worry ‘cause I’m fell for a girl too.’’, replied Bachi.

She must meant her beloved.

‘’ What do you like about me?’’, asked Bachi again.

‘’ ‘Cause you’re kind? Smart, talented, dedicated and eerrr….. attractive?’’, I replied.

‘’ Do you like me that much?’’, she asked again.

‘’ I think so.’’, I replied.

‘’ Then you wanna go out with me?’’, she asked me.

‘’Huh?’’, I stared at her blankly.

‘’ So it’s a yes.’’, she replied. She walked towards me a gave me a peck on my check.

My pale face blushed and burn with heat. She walked away and turned back and said,

‘’ See you tomorrow, my darling.’’

Yurrie here~~

Hey everyone! 🙂
I came out with a new idea. A new story. Hehhe. It is called,
The Story of Me and You
        Hehhe. Actually it’s not the story of ME but the story of my friend. In this story, I express the thoughts and feelings that my friend had and would had went through.  Well, I can say 75% of this story is true. 25% of it is just the figment of my imagination. XD. Because some of it might never happen. And who knows, it might? Well, I sure cant say it will  happen ’cause I can’t predict the future. So just enjoy. To my friend who just happen to read this, hehhe, It is dedicated to you. 🙂



A Kiss Under the Moon – Part 11

…”Nao, it’s you again! I’ve had enough of your stupid games! What is it that you really want?” Aoi said.
“I don’t really care about what you think. If you ain’t gonna play along, you’ll never be able to see HIM again. You wouldn’t want that do you?” Nao said.
“Tch…you dirty…whatever. If that’s my only option to get him back I’ll do it but this is the last time I’m ever doing this.” Aoi replied angrily.
“Good. School’s rooftop tonight.” Nao said and then hung up.

Aoi walked to towards the living room emotionless and sat on the couch. Reita had just finish explaining to Ruki and Kai about what happened.
Ruki got up from his seat and sat beside Aoi. Ruki patted Aoi’s back and said,

“Hey, you alright?”
“I don’t know I’m really confused now. Nao…why does he have to tear us apart? Why is this happening to us?” Aoi said.
“Don’t worry we’ll help you search for Uruha. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Ruki said trying to stop Aoi from worrying.
“I sure hope so but there’s no need to search for Uruha.” Aoi replied.
“What? Why?” Reita and Kai said at the same time. Ruki looked curious as well.
“I will be meeting Nao tonight and I will end Uruha’s sufferings.” Aoi said.
“Alright! We’ll go with you and we’ll slash that Nao into pieces. Just you wait Nao we’ll kill you!” Kai said and hit Aoi on the head.
“NO! It’s fine. I’ll go myself. I’ll bring Uruha back myself and you guys just wait here. All Nao wants is just me so I’ll do this myself. Trust me, I can do this.All this happened because of me anyways so I’ll be the one to end what I first started” Aoi explained.

Those words silenced everyone in the room. As Reita were about to speak, Aoi got up and walked away.

“I don’t understand. Why is he trying to act all tough when he’s not?” Reita asked.
“Leave him be. He’s determined to do this. So let him go.” Ruki said while walking back to his room.
“But…we’re his friends aren’t we? We could atleast do something to help him.” Reita said.
“Even if we wanted to, Aoi wouldn’t let and besides, we don’t even know where Aoi and Nao will meet.” Ruki added.
“I can’t let Aoi have all the fun alone. I know where they will meet.” Kai said happily.

Ruki and Reita turned and look at Kai.

“What? I seriously do. It’s just now’s not the right time yet.” Kai added.
“Kai…c’mon don’t joke around.” Reita said while Ruki didn’t respond.
“I’m serious. Don’t look down on me guys. Just a minute ago, I placed something on Aoi’s head which allows me to track him wherever he is.” Kai explained while holding a weird device.
“Wow, Kai I thought the only thing you’re good at is cooking. Nice one, Kai!” Reita said while walking towards Kai.
“You bought a tracking device?” Ruki asked.
“Yup. I was planning to place the micro chip on all of you so no one will get missing in the future.” Kai said.
“Insane!” Ruki and Reita both said and walked to their rooms.

As time passed, the sky was already dark. It was time for Aoi to meet Nao.
He was fully prepared to risk anything including his life. He left the house and head towards the school. Reita, Ruki & Kai was also prepared for the upcoming ‘battle’.
Aoi’s good friends will help him no matter what.
As Aoi walked up the stairs and held the door’s knob, he realized how much he loved Uruha. With a smile, he thought to himself,
“Everything will be over..” and opened the door.

To be continued…


My Romeo <3 V

The next morning,Nanami woke up by someone shouting her name out of her room.”Nanami!!Na~na~mi~~!!! It was Hinata’s voice.Hinata came to pick up Nanami and make sure she go to school also.Nanami suddenly remember bout yesterday incident and blushed.She peek out of the window and look but Hinata is nowhere to be seen anymore,maybe she went to school already?Nanami felt dissapointed …”maybe she just walk pass here and call me but did not especially come here to pick me up who do u think u are?”thought Nanami.”Well whatever,just get change for now and go to school” said Nanami to herself.”Knock,knock,knock” someone’s at the door .I think is mum thought Nanami.”Coming ,wait a moment mum”said Nanami.Nanami half-nakedly open the door and it was Hinata not her mum.Omfg!Shit,shit shit.Nanami just stood there ,she was too embarrassed to move.Hinata just spread her arm and hug Nanami.”Wha-aat are you doing?asked Nanami.”Hugging you?Am I doing anything else?”asked Hinata.”Why are you hugging me?”asked Nanami.”You don’t like it?”asked Hinata.”N-oo,no” answered Nanami.”Then?”said Hinata.

“Did you girls need a ride?You are gonna be late if you don’t hurry soon !”shouted Mrs.Aisaka from downstairs.That broke the silence and Hinata released her hand ,Nanami didn’t hug back quite dissapointing for Hinata.”Give us a moment ,We’ll be downstairs in a minute Mum~!”said Nanami and quickly change.

They got in the car.Nanami sat at the back seat.At first Nanami wanted to sit in the front but Mrs.Aisaka insisted that she sit at the back with Hinata to keep Hinata accompany.”Did you had your breakfast Nami?”asked Mrs.Aisaka.”No,haven’t I’ll buy a bread and eat along the way to class..mum”said Nanami.”Okay,remember to eat.Are you alright already?”asked Mrs.Aisaka.”Yes ,I am better already”said Nanami.”Mrs.Aisaka I will protct Nanami ,Dont worry”said Hinata to Mrs.Aisaka and gave Nanami the sweetest smile.Nanami blushed and face away.”Then I ‘ll leave Nanami to you then “said Mrs.Aisaka.Mrs.Aisaka phone rang and she pick it up.At that time,Hinata ‘s hand slowly move to touch Nanami hand and finally hold Nanami hand.Nanami felt like she don’t have any reason not to hold her hand so she didnt resisted well she like it anyway.Who wouldnt like it ,if their love one hold their hand,but Nanami is very nervous ..because her mum is just right in front what if her mum see it?Hinata felt confused too,she don’t know why she hold Nanami hand and so secretly too.She just got the urge hold Nanami’s hand at that time .”Haiya Dont think too much lar, who cares? No one can see it anyway since its under my bag”thought Hinata.

Finally they reached school and they both quickly let go of each other ‘s hand.They bit goodbye to Mrs.Aisaka and head  to class.Nanami remembered bout the incident again and she cannot feel any energy in her hand to open the door.Nanami just don’t have the damn dare to open it !

To be Conti           nued                                                                                                                                                                    

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My Romeo <3 IV

It is Hinata.Nanami quickly wake up ,pulls her blanket and cover her face.”Wha-a-a what are you doing here Hinata?”said Nanami while covering herself.Hinata pulls her blanket away  and meet her eyes.”You suddenly ran away from school,I saw you running out of the school just now and you even left your bag at school”said Hinata.Hinata holding her bag.Her bag wasnt teared or mess up,it was still the way it is.”Thank You-u”said Nanami.”No problem” said Hinata and gave her the warmest smile.”So what happened?Can u tell me ?”said Hinata again.”Nothing happened,I just felt sick out of sudden  and came back”said Nanami.”What? Sick? Still can run all the way home and without taking your bag?Don’t make me laugh.Spill the beans ,U’re not good at lying trust me ” said Hinata.”I just forgot to take my bag ,that’s all “said Nanami.”Really?”asked Hinata.”Ya ,anyway its none of your concern anyway,”said Nanami quite harshly for the first time.Hinata felt annoyed after hearing that its none of her concern after she came all the way.”It’s my concern because I want to know and I came all the way to give you back your bag”said Hinata.”Why you wanna know?U’re not my who or anythi–“Before Nanami can finish her word,Hinata cut in and say”U’re my Juliet……”.Nanami was surprised,very very Surprised and she surrendered.”Whh–en I reach school…I went to class as usual…and when I go to my table ,my table was drew..with all kinds of words…very ugly words…my textbook was wet …They were still laughing despite doing this ,does they not feel anything… what if this happen to them?How would they feel…this is not the first time for me and how many times i change school because of this?I cant even count anymore….I can’t take it ..its too much to bear…”said Nanami and her tears started rolling down her cheek again..”Errmmm…I am so sorry..very very sorry”said Hinata with her head down…”Why are you apologising?Its not your fault…Its my fault for being friend with you…”said Nanami.Hinata get close to her and hug her.”Its not your fault,its mine so I make it alright,Ipromise you.”said Hinata .”B-uut”said Nanami halfway.”No Buts, I am gonna make it alright and you can attend school tommorrow kay”said Hinata.Nanami felt protected  and feel like she can trust Hinata.Nanami just nod her head obediently.

Hinata ask Nanami go take a hot bath first,she will prepare dinner….,Unexpectedly Hinata is a good cook.They had dinner together.Nanami wished this moment just freeze .After dinner,Nanami is getting ready to sleep..but Hinata still haven’t go back yet.”Hinata,you should get going already,Its late already,your parents would be worried”said Nanami to Hinata.Hinata kept quiet awhile..”I lives alone,my parent died in a car accident ages ago ..”said Hinata,Hinata tone change..”I am sorry ,I didn’t know,sorry”said Nanami.Nanami was shocked but don’t know what to say to make it better for her.”That was ages ago..,I never told you before ,its not like its your fault anyway,so there is no need to apologise.”said Hinata.”Then who is supporting your financial..?”asked Nanami curiously.”Well my parent left quite a load of money for me”said Hinata.”Oh”said Nanami.Now Nanami admire her even more.”By the way ,I only saw your mum I didn’t see  your dad ,is he not back from work yet?” asked Hinata.Nanami just kept quiet..”Nanami, Nanami you there?”asked Hinata again.Nanami took a breath.”My parent divorced long ago,I followed my mum and for my dad ,..he is in jail right now.”said Nanami.”Sorry I didn’t know”said Hinata.”Never mind.. same goes for you “said Nanami and they laughed.

“I put you to sleep then only i go home kay?”said Hinata with a gentle face.Nanami couldn’t reject.”kay…”said Nanami softly…That night Nanami slept with Hinata’s hand on hers.    To be continued

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Innocent Love~IX

Riko walked back to class with tears flowing down. She didn’t want to make a fuss out of it so she pretended to act all hyper and happy. She went to her place and smile at Tsuki. She recalled what Akira had said just now. She felt like crying but she doesn’t want to show it.

” Riko? Are you okay? You look so gloomy after you came back. Did anything happen on the way? Something happen that make you sad?”, asked Tsuki.

Riko was shocked when Tsuki said ” Did anything happen on the way? Something that make you sad?”. One moment she thought that Tsuki knew what happen but Tsuki look as if she didn’t know anything. So Riko decided to keep quiet. She knew she can’t tell Tsuki what happened back there. They have just became friends. Riko didn’t want to spoil it.

” Nah, nothing happen. Don’t worry. Thank you for your concern.” said Riko with a smile.

” Then, how come you’re all gloomy? Something must have happened. Is it family problems? Or what? I don’t mean to pry but I’m just worried. Especially what had happened last night.”, replied Tsuki.

Riko saw the worry in Tsuki’s eyes. She just realized. Tsuki is like Akira. Their eyes are both hypnotizing. It’s so beautiful. That moment felt as if time had stop so Riko can treasure this beauty. The beautiful moment was interrupted by an announcement made.

” Riko from class 2-2 and Akira from class 3-1 please come to the Announcement Room now.”

Riko was wondering what happened. Why is she called to the Announcement Room? Ad as well as Akira too.

” Riko, what’s happening? Why are you called to the Announcement Room?”, asked Tsuki.

” I don’t know. I really don’t. I’m sorry I have to go now or else whoever made the announcement will probably get mad. Bye.”, said Riko quickly and immediately ran out of the class.

Riko took another way to the Announcement Room to avoid Akira’s class. When Riko reached the Announcement Room. Akira was already standing at the door with another girl.

” Hi. Oh, so this is the Riko you’ve been talking about, huh, Akira? ”, said the girl.

” Hi”, replied Riko back.

” So, what are we doing here? ”, asked Riko.

Riko looked around. There was no teachers or anyone there except for Akira and the girl.

” Where’s the teacher?”, asked Riko again.

” What do you mean ‘ Where’s the teacher?’ ”, asked Akira, raising her eyebrows.

” I thought a teacher wants to see us both?”, asked Riko.

” Teacher? What teacher? It’s me. I called you here.”, said Akira.

Without listening to what Riko was saying, Akira immediately pull Riko into the hal. As Akira and Riko was running towardsthe hall, Riko can hear Akira’s friend making anohter announcement. She turned behing to see but she kept going forward.

” Everybody including teachers, please go to the hall now. We have a very important announcement to make. I repeat. Everybody, including teachers, please go to the hall now. We have a very important announcement to make. Thank you.”

An important announcement? What could that be Riko was wondering. People is rushing into the hall. She can see the headmaster walking into the hall. Looking both puzzled and mad. Riko stepped back a little. Akira can somehow sense the fear in her and she squeezed her hand to tell her it’s alright. Riko can see Tsuki walking in the hall. Riko felt relieve that Akira is standing beside her. Akira was about to make an announcement…

” Everybody…Sorry for disturbing but today I have a very important announcement to make and I want to declare it publicly. From today onwards………”,said Akira.

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End of Part IX